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A non-profit organization with four interacting areas : The web-based Alpha Forum, The Alpha Economy, The Alpha Party and The Alpha Media Group.
Hello: I am sending a four page abstract of a two-part Proposal which is presently 23 pages (total) in length. I hope it will not be too jumbled to read. I will be pleased to send the full length version(s) as an attachment to any web site you provide. I think you might like seeing the overall proposal/concept - Even for interest sake. Thank you veru much for your time, Regards, Vern Liebmann (ABSTRACT) : THE ALPHA QUEST PART ONE – OVERVIEW (in-process proposal : 11 -27 -12) Vernon Liebmann © 2012 (present) [email protected] (future) ETHOS This proposal is to gain your participation in a project that has the potential to drastically change how we will live, work and govern ourselves into the future. If it becomes successful, it will only be because of the innovative ideas, proposals, projects ( and, hopefully, support ) that you will have brought to this 'Joyful Collaboration' - The creation of a concept that could have a very positive effect on our nation, the planet and beyond. GREAT CHALLENGES “There are no great men, just great challenges which ordinary men, out of necessity, are forced by circumstances to meet” ( Admiral “Bull” Halsey ) INTRODUCTION Over time, our species has built a very complex society and we are now facing the immobilizing and almost unresolvable "Wicked" problems that come with it. Yet we started out quite simply, along a very promising path. So where did we go wrong? To begin with, Modern Man has been living through a transitional period - an Age of Anxiety, from when nuclear weapons were first introduced, until the present time. And the emptiness and boredom of this age are reflected in our nation's many addictions which keep us from finding the inner strength we need to move into a new age, the yet-to-be-born Age of Integration. The ongoing weakness of our economy has no positive end in sight. In a recent paper by respected economist Thomas Gordon, he states that the U.S. economy * faces headwinds that could cut annual growth in Gross Domestic Product to as little as 0.2 percent annually, which is one tenth the yearly growth rate from 1860 to 2007. (Gordon, 2012 also see Edsall, 2012) To date no other economist has challenged Mr. Gordon's analysis. Furthermore, **the elite upper one percent of our population will continue to thrive during the coming period, that is projected to last from now until the year 2100, (Gordon, 2012) while we in the 99 percent “Underclass”, will have incomes and futures that are flat at best or nonexistent at worst. The result? At this time Democracy is not being served in the U.S. and in the other developed nations around the world of the future looks grim. THE PREMISE : The combination of our evolution as a species and our “inner need to know” defines Our Quest. And now is a good time to recognize all we have accomplished during our six million year 'run' and use our abilities to integrate the values and goals that all Homo Sapiens Sapiens share as a common “Destiny”. A meaningful mission that, upon its completion, will leave behind a beautiful – and prosperous – planet as our legacy to future generations. ( Note : The term "Alpha" within this proposal designates our species - Modern Man - the premier species on planet Earth, and its most dominant and productive, for better or worse, inhabitant. ) What is required is the creation of a new integrated concept, The Alpha Quest, with four interactive areas - The Alpha Forum, as an online source of information and communications ; The Alpha Economy, which will work in tandem with existing consumer goods and services ; The Alpha Party, a political arm of the concept and, finally, the centrally located Alpha Media Group, which will provide synergistic advertising and marketing to integrate the four areas. But to understand why the abilities we have are central to the building of this concept and how they will help us succeed in our Quest, we must take a quick look at the history of our species and the path our evolution has taken. (ABSTRACT) THE ALPHA QUEST PART TWO – GREAT CHALLENGES The Alpha Forum's Innovative Ideas, Proposals and Projects. (continually in process > 11 -27 -12) Vernon Liebmann c 2012 [email protected] (future) Although the major problems faced by our political parties deal with many large issues, such as the nation's deficit, who pays taxes and others, I have decided to keep the Alpha Forum's list of innovative ideas, proposals and projects within those areas that are not usually found in the agendas and planks of political parties - A list that members of The Forum may want to discuss, participate in and maybe even resolve. Similar to a brain-storming session, we will accept pertinent innovative material from you that will be organized by the Forum and later selected to remain by vote. You can also express your thoughts about the contents of existing categories, provide new categories and/or different material you would like to see added to the list : Some will be quite controversial in nature, which is to be expected from a new party seeking “the truth” and hoping to make creative changes to a business-as-usual political system. When finalized, this list will be combined with major political and economic policy considerations to maximize integration and collaboration within The Alpha Quest. This on-going approach will enable us to stay current with the general opinion of members of the Forum and society at large as we work through the process together: Beside the selection of Party candidates, the Forum will be used to identify entrepreneurial, vocational, employment, business and participatory opportunities for its members and for other citizens seeking meaningful work in the future “Age of Integration. Please remember that, as Homo Sapiens Sapiens, each one of us comes into the world carrying a toolbox loaded with the creative tools of our species. Besides Innovation , we have access to Intuition, Ingenuity, Inspiration, Imagination, Inventiveness and others, that have all been given to us, - So let's make full use of them in our proposals. Thank you. Regards, V.L. GENERAL : To counter increasing complexity - “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify” ( Henry D. Thoreau ). HEALTH : Every citizen will be required to take courses in health and the human body so that they can knowledgeably begin to take control of their own lives. Free neighborhood health centers staffed by nurse practitioners and para-medical personnel will treat drop-in patients who will be diagnosed, when necessary, by off-site doctors through interactive visual–phone communications More serious cases will be seen by doctors in person. These facilities will also provide thorough educational classes and information. Permits for marriage and the bearing of children will require extensive educational courses and examinations. Obtaining a permit will be considered a privilege, not a right. Smoking tobacco has been proven to cause disease and often death and will eventually be stricken from the economy. Tobacco farmers will be subsidized to grow other crops and / or offered training in vocations and jobs that will be generated by the New Economy. MEDICINE : Every pay-for-treatment medical facility will have a neutral, on-staff ombudsperson who will discuss the actual costs of each procedure, test or prescription with the patient ( or their representative ) before action of any kind is taken. Let transparency,