Founder Collective

Founder Collective
1, Mifflin Place
02138 Cambridge , Massachusetts
United States
Massachusetts US
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United States
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Seed-stage venture capital fund
As venture capital funds get increasingly large, we have created a small fund (~$40M) that is dedicated to investing in seed stage deals. Unlike big venture capital firms, we expect to generate returns almost exclusively from seed stage investments. Hence, we have the same incentives as founders to increase the value of the company in future financings. We are also comfortable with smaller exits if that's what the founders want. A significant portion of our fund comes from active entrepreneurs, many of whom have made Founder Collective their sole entity for private company investing. When we invest in your company, you get access to and help from these entrepreneurs. We think there is a particular need for this on the East Coast of the US, where we are based. We think the East Coast is poised for a technology revival and we hope to be part of it. None of us have ever been bankers. We like products and building stuff. We show up on time and don't email during meetings. Think of it as peer-to-peer investing.