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Systemonic delivers complete silicon system solutions for the global wireless communications market. Pioneers in multi-protocol and multi-band technology, Systemonic's silicon systems deliver wireless streaming video, data, and voice applications in homes, offices, and public places. Systemonic provides customers and partners with silicon solutions that can seamlessly support the plethora of wireless and wired communications standards. In July 1999, the distinguished Professor Gerhard Fettweis, together with four colleagues from the Dresden University of Technology, established Systemonic in Dresden, Germany, the heart of "Silicon Saxony." Two years later, Systemonic expanded its global reach by establishing a North American Headquarters in San Jose, California, downtown "Silicon Valley." That same year, Systemonic took a major step to enhance its position by acquiring the RF Networking business of the Raytheon Company and establishing a third office in Maynard, Massachusetts. Systemonic's name is derived from "System on IC" and identifies one of the key technologies of the company - the ability to define and produce application specific standard products (ASSPs) as part of complete solutions for the communications market. Groundbreaking intellectual property is the foundation of Systemonic's two main technologies: OnDSP™ and Systemonic RFlex™. OnDSP, an optimized DSP technology platform, enables the highly automated and rapid design and development of tailored digital signal processors (DSP) based system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. These DSP-based SoC solutions provide the flexibility and performance needed to address the realities of a multi-protocol communications market by enabling Systemonic's solutions to support new protocols as they are ratified via a remote firmware upgrade. Systemonic RFlex is the companies high-performance RF technology that is at the core of all its wireless solutions. The flexible Systemonic RFlex technology allows Systemonic to build RF front-end solutions that operates over a wide range of applications and frequency bands. Systemonic's innovative silicon systems make it a market leader in the fast-paced and rapidly expanding wireless, multi-protocol arena and other applications at the edge of the network. This leadership and technical edge is directed by a seasoned group of executives and supported by high caliber venture capital firms backing the company. Systemonic's vision is to continue developing silicon system solutions that seamlessly connect people and networks together.