Deals in fintech



United Kingdom
Developer of an API for connecting enterprises to banks.
USD 5,400,000 (USD 5,400,000) Seed
30 May 2019


Openfin Inc

United States
USD 17,000,000 (USD 17,000,000) Series C
16 May 2019


Pleo Technologies ApS

Company payment card solution that automates expense reports and simplifies company spending.
USD 56,000,000 Series B
14 May 2019


eShares Inc

Also known as:

United States
USD 300,000,000 (USD 300,000,000) Series E
6 May 2019


UiPath Inc

Platform for enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
USD 568,000,000 (USD 568,000,000) Series D
30 Apr 2019


DivvyPay Inc

Also known as:

, Also known as:
Divvy Pay Inc

United States
6619 Other activities auxiliary to financial services
Secure financial platform for businesses to manage payments and subscriptions, build strategic budgets, and eliminate expense reports.
USD 200,000,000 (USD 200,000,000) Series C
29 Apr 2019



Also known as:

Developer of a mobile app for the management of personal and business finances.
USD 22,600,000 (USD 22,600,000) Series B
18 Apr 2019


Brex Inc

USD 100,000,000 (USD 100,000,000) Debt
16 Apr 2019


Cytora Ltd

United Kingdom
6512 Non-life insurance
GBP 25,000,000 Series B
16 Apr 2019


Moonfare GmbH

European financial technology company enabling individuals and their advisors to invest in top-tier private equity funds.
USD 28,000,000 (USD 28,000,000) Venture
12 Apr 2019