Deals in fintech



United Kingdom
Payment processing system that allows sellers to process payments using smart devices.
EUR 330,000,000 Debt
16 Jul 2019


Finix Payments

United States
USD 17,500,000 (USD 17,500,000) Series A
16 Jul 2019


Curve 1 Ltd

Also known as:

United Kingdom
Over-the-top banking platform, consolidating all your cards and accounts into one smart card and even smarter app.
USD 55,000,000 (USD 55,000,000) Series B
15 Jul 2019


Soldo Ltd

United Kingdom
Unified spend control platform.
USD 61,000,000 (USD 61,000,000) Series B
8 Jul 2019


Kyash Inc

Creators of the Kyash wallet app and payment platform Kyash Direct.
JPY 1,500,000,000 (USD 14,000,000) Series B
3 Jul 2019


Kabbage Inc

United States
6419 Banks and credit unions
Instant SME lending.
USD 200,000,000 (USD 200,000,000) Debt
2 Jul 2019


The Currency Cloud Ltd

Also known as:

United Kingdom
Payments automation platform designed to remit cross boarder payments through API.
Series E
2 Jul 2019


Bleckwen SAS

Real time machine learning based solution for fraud prevention.
USD 10,000,000 (USD 10,000,000) Venture
26 Jun 2019


Monzo Bank Ltd

United Kingdom
6419 Banks and credit unions
Online bank.
GBP 113,000,000 (USD 143,728,925) Series F
24 Jun 2019


Synapse Financial Technologies Inc

Also known as:

, Also known as:

United States
USD 33,000,000 (USD 33,000,000) Series B
7 Jun 2019