3510 Electric power generation, transmission and distribution


Most active institutional investors by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
California Energy Geothermal power company. United States 1
EDF Énergies Nouvelles SA EDF Énergies Nouvelles is a French renewable energy corporation, half owned by French electric utility Électricité de France France 1
Edison International Generator and distributor of electric power and investor in infrastructure and energy assets, including renewable energy 1
General Fusion Inc General Fusion is developing fusion technology to generate affordable, safe and plentiful energy. Canada 1
Moserbaer Projects Pvt Ltd India 1
Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux 1

Selected companies

Company type: 
Startup working to commercialize fusion energy technology.
Company type: 
Vertically integrated full service company in the solar energy industry.
Company type: 
The world's largest provider of electric vehicle charging systems.
Company type: 
Designer and manufacturer of advanced wind turbine blades.
Company type: 
Provider of grid infrastructure solutions for electric power distribution system operators.
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