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Most active institutional investors by number of deals

Investor Profile Country Deals
News Corp Global vertically integrated media company founded by Rupert Murdoch, with properties in film, television, cable, magazines, newspapers and publishing United States 7
Pearson PLC 7
Gannett Co Inc Media and marketing solutions company. United States 6
Bertelsmann AG International media company (television, book and magazine publishing, media services and media clubs) Germany 5
Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH One of the largest German media companies with a strong international orientation Germany 2
Europa Press Group Spain 1
Flipboard Inc Digital social magazine aggregating web links from your social circle, i.e. Twitter & Facebook, & displays the content in magazine form on an iPad. United States 1
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company United States 1
McGraw-Hill Companies Education and financial services publishing company 1
NeuStar Inc United States 1
News Corp Australia Australia 1
Photobucket.com Inc Image and video hosting, sharing, and online publishing company. United States 1
The Wall Street Journal United States 1

Selected companies

Company type: 
A curated directory of the best cryptocurrency resources.
Company type: 
Provider of direct marketers and brand advertisers the ability to deeply engage with their viewers by integrating video and other rich media.
Company type: 
Digital media platform focused on motoring and adventure.
Company type: 
Media company which publishes over a dozen weblogs on topics including media gossip, politics, Hollywood and gadgets.
Company type: 
Media and marketing solutions company.
Company type: 
Entertainment, social networking, and news website.
Company type: 
Questions and answers site for programmers
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