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Investment theme: 
Investment theme
Maxim is an innovation-driven entrepreneurial spirit with an eye for detail and a firm believer of the kaizen approach. Before OpenOcean, he co-founded two ventures that made him catch the Tech bug and eagerness to solve problems.
Venture Partner at OpenOcean, interested in B2B companies that are solving tough data problems. Mike co-founded City AI, a global applied AI community in 50+ cities, and World Summit AI the leading annual applied AI conference in Europe. Mike is also the chairman at the Saas company Scoro, an active advisor for several startups and a mentor at various accelerators such as TechStars. Previously Mike co-founded and managed the B2B Accelerator Startup Wise Guys where he invested in 30+ companies from 20+ different countries. By now the Accelerator invested in more than 80 startups.
Yina (Ina) joined OpenOcean as an Investment Analyst, located in Helsinki, in June 2019. Before OpenOcean, Yina was working as a Growth Manager in an AI-learning startup, leading the marketing automation and other growth projects to drive retention and monetization. Before that, she founded and ran a startup to improve the engagement of rehabilitation training using Virtual Reality technology. She holds a master degree in Computer Science from Helsinki University, with a specialization in Machine Learning.
A General Partner at OpenOcean, Patrik’s heart lies with the “data-intensive” bit of our investment thesis. Before starting OpenOcean, Patrik co-founded MariaDB, and spent 6 years managing product and business development at MySQL AB, where he served as a Director of Software Engineering from 2003 to 2008, and managed the company’s strategic technical alliance with SAP AG. With his business hat on, Patrik was part of MySQL Management Team, and worked in management consulting at eCraft Management Solutions and A.T.
Ekaterina (Katya) is a General Partner at OpenOcean and she leads the London Team and Operations. She is today on the boards of Bitrise and IQM. Before joining OpenOcean, Katya was a Managing Director of the Samsung Catalyst Fund in Europe, Samsung’s Electronics $500M venture capital multistage investment fund focused on core technology areas including robotics, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, digital health, data infrastructure and device level technologies.
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