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Cowboy SA

3092 Manufacture of bicycles and invalid carriages
USD 3,000,000 (USD 3,000,000) Series B
25 Apr 2018
ebike, electric vehicles

Capital Float

Indian online lender.
Series C
24 Apr 2018

Extend Enterprises Inc

Digital credit card sharing platform.
USD 3,000,000 (USD 3,000,000) N/A
24 Apr 2018

Dawn III

6430 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
Early stage venture capital fund focused on enterprise software and fintech.
GBP 165,000,000 (USD 232,000,000) Final Closing
17 Apr 2018 Inc

Conversational marketing and sales platform.
USD 60,000,000 (USD 60,000,000) Series C
17 Apr 2018
marketing solutions

HardFork Inc

13 Apr 2018

JUMP Bikes

13 Apr 2018

Naked Hub

USD 400,000,000 (USD 400,000,000) Acquisition
13 Apr 2018

Xiong'An Global Blockchain Innovation Fund

6430 Trusts, funds and similar financial entities
CNY 10,000,000,000 (USD 1,600,000,000) Final Closing
13 Apr 2018

Carbon-12 Labs Inc

USD 2,000,000 (USD 2,000,000) Seed
12 Apr 2018


Recent Moves

Finian Tan photo Finian Tan became Member of the Board at Everledger Ltd
22 Mar 2018

Ron Kundich photo Ron Kundich became Managing Director at Trinity Capital Investment
8 Dec 2017

Jo Bertram logo Jo Bertram became Executive in Residence at EQT Partners AB
7 Dec 2017

Mark Danchak photo Mark Danchak became Managing Director at WorldQuant Ventures LLC
21 Nov 2017

Rebecca Kaden photo Rebecca Kaden became General Partner at Union Square Ventures LLC
23 Oct 2017

David Lawee photo David Lawee became Member of the Board at Lyft Inc
20 Oct 2017

Iliana Oris Valiente photo Iliana Oris Valiente became Managing Director and Global Blockchain Innovation Lead at Accenture
16 Oct 2017