Kevin Harvey

Mr Kevin Harvey


Kevin is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of successful venture investing. He started his first software company, StyleWare, while still an engineering student at Rice University. A year after graduating, StyleWare was purchased by Apple Computer where Kevin’s team went on to create ClarisWorks, one of the best-selling software programs for the Apple Macintosh. Two years later, Kevin founded a second software company, Approach Software, where he led the development of the world’s first end-user client/server database for Windows. Approach’s innovative database was adopted by millions of customers and the company was acquired by Lotus Development in 1993. Kevin’s interests span all aspects of mobile computing, the consumer internet and computing infrastructure. Investments: Boku, Broadbase Software, Bytemobile, Collabnet, Eucalyptus Systems, Ingenio (acquired by AT&T), Kana (KANA), Metaweb, MySQL (acquired by Sun), oDesk, oFoto (acquired by Kodak), Proofpoint, Red Hat Software (RHAT), RemarQ Communities (acquired by Critical Path), Rightscale, Tellme (acquired by Microsoft), Terracotta, (acquired by America Online), Zimbra (acquired by Yahoo!).
Education: BSEE degree from Rice University, 1987.


Venture capital firm.
General Partner (Menlo Park) (current)
N/A (past)

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